Chris Norton

Salvation Testimony:   I was saved in late 1999.  Our dear friend, Gregg Flook, an Idaho moutain-man, showed us (Mick and I) truths out of the scripture that were undeniable!  The light just clicked on for me and it was so obvious that the Bible was true.  There was no question!  It was just "Yep, that's it!".  So simple- hallelujah!

Favorite String Band Song:  A Penny Saved.

An Embarrassing Moment:  After the hotel told us FIRMLY "no pets", Beckie's dog Hershey ran right into the lobby and I had to run in and get her!

Favorite Part of the Ministry:   Being able to serve our wonderful Lord as a family.

My Part of the Ministry:  Playing mandolin, playing Grandma, keeping the website updated and running, CD orders, Month in a Minute videos, cooking for the family, etc...etc...etc... and I LOVE IT ALL!!!!!

In the beginning...

Mick Norton

Salvation Testimony:  In the fall of 1999, just prior to Y2K, at 33 years of age, a Northern Idaho mountain man named Gregg Flook presented truths from the word of God, I saw myself as a sinner, and shortly thereafter I asked the Lord to save me.  Praise the Lord, my wife and I got saved about 2 weeks apart!  The Lord is merciful.  Thank God that while I was yet a sinner, Christ died for me. 

Favorite Verse: 2Tim2:24-26

Favorite Quote:  The only thing needed for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing.

Hobbies: Storm chasing and deep sea fishing (not at the same time). Trying to write songs that have spiritual meaning! Audio recording, and video/cinematography.

Embarrassing Moment:   While preaching at a church in Florida, I told the congregation to turn with me to Titus chapter 4.....duh!

Hardest Part of the Ministry:   Praying fervantly for the needs of the people who will be hearing you sing/preach. Then, while we are singing/preaching, seeing someone's joyless face looking back at you, knowing that you have the joy they are missing, and it seems they're not interested. It's so sad. Psalm 16:11- It's all about a relationship with our saviour. "In thy presence is fullness of joy"!

Favorite Part of the Ministry:  When someone comes up and tells you how much the songs helped them with something they are going through. We sang at a church in TN and found out the next day that a young man that was there could not sleep that night, because the words in the songs were "troubling him". Long story short... that night he accepted Jesus Christ as his saviour! One more saved from the fire!! Praise our Great God and Saviour, The Lord Jesus Christ!

Future Aspirations:   To be always in the perfect will of God. To see my children walk in truth. To help sinners obtain salvation. To help others recover themselves out of the snare of the devil. To have something at the Judgment Seat of Christ that will pass the fire. Some sweet day to see my Saviour and be able to thank him face to face for saving me and putting up with me. 

Seminole String Band

Bonnie Norton

Salvation Testimony:   We had a  painting hung on our refrigerator of heaven and hell.  I would look at that alot and it made me think that I didn't want to go to hell!  I knew I was a sinner because I lied to mom about bringing caterpillars in the house when she told me not to.  God and Beckie led me to the Lord at our church in Seminole when I was 5.

Favorite Quote:  Anything Dad says.

Hobbies:  Playing with my American Girl Doll and shooting my bow & drawing.  Photography.

An Embarrassing Moment:  Falling off the Carousel.

Hardest Part of the Ministry:  Having to sit for lots and lots and lots of preaching!  Lots!

Favorite Part of the Ministry:  The Bluenose Camp Meeting in Nova Scotia.​

Joe Caron

Salvation Testimony:  When I was about 10 or 11, I read a Chick tract entitled "The War Zone".  In that tract it showed a picture of someone being cast into the lake of fire.  I saw myself being that person when I died.  That thought terrified me, so I put the tract down.  A few days later, my family and I went to the airport to watch big jets take off and land (that was something we enjoyed doing).  As we were driving home in the darkness, that picture in the tract came back to my mind.  Right there, I trusted Jesus Christ to be my personal saviour!  Praise God!

Favorite String Band Song:  Be Not Afraid.

Favorite King James Bible Verse:  James 3:17.

Favorite Quote:  You're not what you think you are, but what you think, you are.

Embarassing Moment:  Before Shelby and I were married, Bro. Ron Ralph told me, "Now you know the Bible says that a girl can't get married until she's 20.  Look it up!  It's in Hezekiah chapter 2."  I was eagerly trying to find the verse and told Shelby, "I can't find it!"  She said "Oh, it's because you are in Haggai!"  Then we turned to Habakkuk- not there either!  Aw, there isn't a "Hezekiah"!  

Future Aspirations:  Playing the guitar better for the group, preaching more, being a bright light for my Saviour and being a Godly father for my sons.

In the fall of 2006, evangelist Glenn Kosiorek of Crosspoint String Band came to play at our church.  He graciously offered to give some "bluegrass lessons" to anyone who might be interested in learning an instrument.  The next Monday evening, several church members showed up for some lessons.  He taught us all "I'll Fly Away".... boy, were we excited!!!

Over the next couple of years, we played a little bit, but the Lord called loud and clear in March 2009 to "get busy!"  This is when The Seminole String Band officially formed and we started to practice together as a group.  At the beginning, there were a bunch of church members in the group, hence the name "Seminole String Band"!  Now it is a family ministry consisting of the Norton Family (Mick, Chris, Beckie & Bonnie) and The Caron Family- Joe, Shelby, Joseph & baby Michael (Shelby is Mick & Chris' oldest daughter).

We love the Lord, and want to lift Him way, way up.  We thank God for allowing us to minister and witness through music!

Shelby Caron

Salvation Testimony:    My spiritual birthday is June 8th, 2003. We were living on a pecan orchard in central Alabama and the Lord dealt with my heart on what a friend had told me a few months before about salvation. I didn’t really see the need to get saved until in one of our family’s nightly Bible readings, I realized that I was a sinner just like everyone else, and that I was

going to hell too if I didn’t get saved. The next day I got down on my knees beside my bunk bed, and asked the Lord

to save me.

Favorite String Band Song:  Lord, I'll Wait.

Hobbies:  Graphic design, photography, song writing, geocaching, drawing, origami.

Favorite Quote:  You're not what you think you are, but what you think, you are.

Embarassing Moment:  I would have to share Joe's embarrassing moment!

Hardest Part of the Ministry:  Seeing young people who have such great potential and ability to serve the Lord,

but won't "completely" surrender.

Beckie Norton

Salvation Testimony:   I was saved on March 14, 2007 at our church in Seminole, AL.

Favorite Verse:  Psalm 104.

Favorite Quote:  The devil often sends his best just before God sends his best.

Most Unusual Thing Seen in our Travels:  A fried stinkbug in Mom's fries at McDonalds. At least we got a free meal for it!

Favorite Part of the Ministry:  Meeting so many fellow Christians that are still faithful, and also being with our preacher friends. I also love teaching other girls how to play the fiddle!

Future Aspirations:  Launching my new business, (, improving my fiddling skills, learning luthier work, teaching my dog Hershey canine agility, and just doing what God wants me to do.